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Electro Plating(Rhodium Machine)


  • Highly Effective in Digressing, Cleaning and Plating.
  • Water heating for homogeneous mixture.
  • Digital Timer provided for the uniform and accurate Plating.
  • Filtered Electrical Output to Prevent rippls and ensure brightest rodium effect.
  • Available in 1, 2 and 5 liters bath capacity.
Model RH 1 RH 2 RH 5
Power supply Single Phase 230V Ac 0.7KW Single Phase 230V Ac 0.9KW Single Phase 230V Ac 1.5KW
Bath Heating temp. 65°C 65°C 65°C
over Dimention (mm) 559x279x356 940x457x356 965x457x381
Net weight 16 KG 24 KG 32 KG