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An Introduction
Jewellery firms have been aggressive in adopting innovative technology, adopting new marketing approaches, and developing new styles and products. As  customers pressure for price reductions, mechanization will have to be increased if the company is to maintain its margins. It has been seen in particular, companies that lower costs by investing in new modern equipment and thus reorganize their production processes, in short embarking on an aggressive mechanization program have been more successful.

Jewellery manufacturers know only too well how complex the production process can be, yet success in the marketplace requires getting it right. From jewellery vulcanizing, wax injection, and investing to burnout, casting, divesting and finishing, precious metals must be accurately, consistently, and efficiently made into finished accessories with minimal wastage and use of labor. We, at Wintech International Inc. help you to streamline the jewellery manufacturing process with our range of Jewellery Casting, Polishing and Plating Machines. Our company is renowned manufacturer, trader and exporter of Vulcanizer, Manual Wax Injector, Auto Clamp Wax Injector, Burnout Furnace, Split Lap Machine, Water Sprue Grinding Machine, Dry Sprue Grinding Machine, Magnetic Polisher,  Electro Plating (Rhodium Plant), Gold Melter, etc.

Product Range
Jewellery producers, in order to maximize profit, must coordinate production. They must maximize consistency, quality and output while minimizing downtime, labor and waste. Our machines help jewellers to rationalize their production process considerably. Wintech International Inc. is engaged in the manufacture, trade and export of the following range of casting, polishing and plating & recovery machines: 

Pikka Gold
Gold Melter
Settling Tank
Pen Plating
Dust Collector
Investment Mixer
Burnout Furnace Magnetic Polisher Stripping Machine
Polishing Machine Casting Setup
Split Lap Machine
Water Jet Machine
Ultra Sonic Cleaner
Manual Wax Injector
Auto Clamp Wax Injector 3 in 1 Casting Machine
Dry Sprue Grinding Machine
Water Sprue Grinding Machine Electro Plating (Rhodium Plant) Pressure Assisted Vacuum Casting Machine

Our constant research of the market trends to know the preferences of our customers has given us a competitive edge in improving on the standards of the quality of our products. Wintech International Inc. is committed to produce superior quality products and render excellent services to its clients in order to achieve total customer satisfaction. We strictly follow stringent quality control measures in various stages of production. The tools and machinery that are supplied by our company is endowed with the enhanced capability to withstand harsh industrial pressure and weather conditions. The efficiency of our products is reflected in their good stain, dirt and scratch resistant characteristics.

Wintech International Inc. has a vast experience in manufacturing a wide range of jewellery tools and machinery. In addition, we also have our own manufacturing unit with modern machines and experienced manpower. This facilitates us to provide customization to our entire range of products as per the specific requirements of our esteemed clients. Our range of manufacturing facilities includes Machinery Assembling Unit Shop Floor, Polishing Machinery Unit, Plating & Semi Polishing Machinery Unit, Casting Machinery Unit, Furnace Refractories Unit. Apart from this, our facility boasts of modern storage facilities comprising of godown which enable us to store enormous quantities of products. All these are backed by our sales and marketing team at Surat, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Kolkata, whose networking with jewellery manufacturers and cargo companies makes it possible to provide quick and quality services and thus, serve our clients better.